A Keighley photographer, I have been taking photographs for more years than I care to remember . Now my work is divided into two main categories. Firstly the Commercial side of my work is spent producing excellent imagery for web site and use in printed literature. Work is produced either in the studio or at a clients premises where portable lighting can be set up easily and without fuss. I am also in a position to be able to offer images suitable for large POS displays including window vinyl's and banners. Printing can be done on many types of material, even wood !!! Contact me directly for details

Social photography is a favourite of mine. I tend to specialise in low key fine art styles for portraits. More recently this has developed into Equestrian photography where I work with the horse and owner to provide stunning images suitable for enlargement and framing. My studio portraits have been successful for many years with exhibitions in Leeds City Center.
With todays modern camera equipment taking photographs has never been so easy and popular. The fun factor has increased and with it so has the "Wow" factor too. My camera kit comprises of Nikon gear with incredibly high resolution images being captured at the click of a button. The difference now is im having to think more about the image i want to capture. Post processing is done in Photoshop CC. Prints and high res files can be purchased if you drop me a line with your requirements