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Holden Gate farm Saturday 17th October 2015

The photos have only had very basic edits so what I would like is for everyone to pic around 10 - 12 of their favourite images and I will do extra work on those. There are some obvious things which need editing such as the roof lights in the barn and the edge of black background sheet and pooh on the floor. Other things that can be edited are lead ropes, stray hands and arms which have got in the shot and even people if needs be.

For digital downloads in low resolution for web use you can simply click on the photograph and add to basket. For multiple shots its easier to use the bulk order button.
If you want the entire collection of you and your horse please contact me directly and I can send these to you for a total price of 65.00
For prints please see the following prices
12x8inch framed print 60.00 (print only 40.00)
16x24inch framed print 120.00 (print only 80.00)
For other sizes and products please contact me at chwaller@gmail.com or by phone 07525 400648

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